Design part of the final exam for the national graduation evaluated by the IHK

This is not a client project. However, I would like to showcase it because there were a multitude of different tasks to be fulfilled here that are relevant to my services.

As an unconventional form of design, a foldable cube was to be created here, which was to represent and combine the remaining tasks. As the final project for the IHK, we had to design and implement a series of tasks for the fictional company called Terra Piú, which specialized in gardening and decoration.


Tasks included redesigning and cleaning up the logo, various forms of image editing (placing an object from one photo realistically into another, turning a daytime image into an illuminated nighttime image, „cleaning up“ one photo, expanding another without making the expansion too visible). Furthermore, a matching additional icon was to be developed for the given pictograms, three A6 cards were to be designed appropriately, and a graphic was to be redrawn in vectors.

Furthermore, attention to detail was essential to self evaluate things that needed to be fixed (i.e. the redesign and cleanup of the original logo, which was not mentioned but expected to see and bring up by ourselves) and to consider important solutions to the problems the brief asked to solve.